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ABOUT NEWSPAPER JEWELRY is a unique collection of eco-friendly jewelry consisting of recycled newspaper. This collection is proudly made in The U.S.A. by award-winning artist, Holly Anne Mitchell.

Holly Anne began exploring newspaper as an artistic medium back in 1990 while studying metalsmithing at The University Of Michigan. She had an assignment to create a piece of jewelry which did not consist of any traditional jewelry materials (no metal, precious stones, etc.). "I chose the Chicago Tribune newspaper comic strips because of their bold, vibrant color patterns and the character's facial expressions. I discovered the best way to bring out these aesthetic strengths is to transform the newspaper into beads. I've been exploring this material ever since!"


Throughout the years, Holly Anne has used numerous newspaper publications and sections including Crossword Puzzles, Stock Listings and Expired Coupons. The jewelry collection includes Bracelets, Earrings, Cufflinks, Pins/Brooches and Necklaces. All of the newspaper beads are sealed and protected by a tear and moisture-resistant coating.  

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